5 Best Civil Engineering Jobs in Karachi in 2022

Civil Engineering Jobs in Karachi

If you are a civil engineering graduate and are looking for a job, there are many options to consider. Depending on your area of specialization, you may be able to earn PKR two to three lakhs per annum. This will depend on the position you apply for and where you live.

Civil Engineering Jobs in Karachi

Project Engineer Jobs in Karachi

If you are looking for a job as a Project Engineer, you can search through various websites and newspapers. These sites feature job ads for freshers, experienced professionals, and trainees.

You can even look for vacancies for Project Engineer in Karachi. To apply, you need to have sound knowledge about building and structural design.

In Pakistan, the scope for civil engineers is large. The demand for new buildings, roads, and airports is on the rise. The CPEC project is also boosting the demand for new buildings, airports, and transportation facilities. With these jobs, you can earn PKR 110,000 per month or more.

Trainee Civil Engineer Jobs in Karachi

If you are looking for Trainee Civil Engineer jobs in Karachi, you are in luck. These positions are available in various engineering companies and are ideal for students who have just graduated.

They require a degree in Civil Engineering. They can also have some experience if they are willing to spend a little more time learning the trade.

To find these Trainee Civil Engineer jobs in Karachi, you must use the internet. There are hundreds of job postings online, and you can apply for one of them by submitting your resume. You can even set up email and phone alerts so that you know when new opportunities come up.

Trainee Civil Engineer jobs in Karachi are available right now, and you can apply for them online in the comfort of your home.

Planning Engineer Jobs in Karachi

The Planning Engineer jobs are available in various sectors in Pakistan, both in the government and private sectors. Applicants can apply online for these jobs.

The jobs are available for both fresh and experienced candidates. The candidates can find jobs according to their education, skills, and experience. They can also apply for the job of their choice in any city in Pakistan.

As a planning engineer, you will be responsible for determining the most efficient and cost-effective engineering and construction methods.

You will also be responsible for estimating timescales and working with site managers and other engineers to make sure the projects go smoothly, and materials are available in the right amounts. You must have sound knowledge of MS Project and Primavera to be able to work in this position successfully.

Planning Site Engineer Jobs in Karachi

In this job, you will be responsible for the planning and execution of large-scale construction projects. Your responsibilities will include analyzing data, creating blueprints with given technical specifications, and liaising with stakeholders, including clients and subcontractors.

You will also be responsible for managing budgets, purchasing equipment, and delivering technical documentation. To apply for this position, you must have experience in structural and concrete work.

Civil engineers are in high demand in Pakistan, as their expertise is in demand. The growth of the construction industry and the increasing number of housing and town schemes are creating a great demand for these professionals.

Also, the CPEC projects have increased the need for new airports, highways, and other infrastructure projects. As a result, civil engineers are in great demand, with salaries starting at PKR 110,000/-.

Civil Draftsman Jobs in Karachi

If you have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or an equivalent degree in mechanical, electrical, or construction engineering, you might be interested in applying for a Civil Draftsman job in Karachi.

This job requires that you have at least two years of relevant experience and good communication skills.

You would work on the design, construction, and supervision of different civil projects. In addition, you would be responsible for creating plans and drawings.

Depending on the skill level of a Civil Engineer, he/she could earn anywhere between 46,200 PKR to 129,000 PKR per month.

This amount is inclusive of benefits, housing, and transportation. However, salaries will vary considerably with experience, skill level, and gender.

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