Electrical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan – Full Guide

Electrical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

Are you looking for Electrical Engineering jobs in Pakistan? Electrical Engineering jobs in Pakistan are available for freshers, experienced and male students. Job seekers can choose from both government and private sectors.

They can also choose from jobs in different cities in Pakistan. Moreover, you can easily find a job that suits your educational and professional background.

Electrical Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

Job Description of an Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are in great demand in Pakistan. The job market for this profession is one of the most promising in the country, with more job opportunities than any other field. Moreover, Pakistan is still facing an energy crisis, increasing the demand for electrical engineers.

Moreover, the country’s energy shortage makes it necessary to develop new renewable energy sources and build more powerhouses. An electrical engineer can expect a salary of 30,000 to 50,000 PKR per month.

Electrical Engineers are responsible for designing and developing electronic products and systems. They also perform electrical tests and installations.

They also evaluate and analyze data collected during testing procedures. An excellent electrical engineer has an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and can develop and install equipment to meet customers’ needs. They are proficient in design and calculation software and have extensive experience in the field.

If you have a Masters’s degree in Electrical Engineering, you can apply for a job with Engro. The job responsibilities of an electrical engineer include:

  • Formulating the electrical scope for the EPCC contractor.
  • Conducting pre-commissioning tests on electrical equipment.
  • Designing documentation.
  • Modifying drawings.
  • Communicating with others.

An electrical engineer should have experience in the Oil & Gas sector and the Fertilizer Plant and Power Plant industries.

Electrical engineers perform various engineering tasks, including computer-aided design software and engineering equipment. In addition, an electrical engineer is expected to consult with customers and discuss the feasibility of a particular engineering product.

They may also be responsible for producing technical drawings and topographical maps. They are also responsible for establishing standards for electrical equipment manufacturing, installation, and documentation.

EE Degree is Not Required to get a Job as an Electrical Engineer

Several options are available for students wishing to pursue a career in electrical engineering. These options include earning an EE degree, pursuing a graduate degree, or opting for a dual degree.

A dual degree is highly advantageous as it allows students to obtain two degrees in a shorter time.

This option also saves students time and money. While in school, students may also consider volunteering in the field or gaining work experience in the field. Such experience will help them prepare for their future career.

Electrical engineers work in many industries and are required for many aspects of the industry. For instance, they design power generation systems and distribute electrical power. They also build devices that enhance the efficiency of the industry. They can work on small or large-scale projects.

Electrical engineers in Pakistan are in high demand, especially in the power generation industry.

The country’s electrical infrastructure needs people who can design and build it. An EE can also work in the planning phase of development projects to ensure that policies are followed.

Aside from power generation, electrical engineers can also work on power electronics and drives. This includes devices like semiconductor power diodes, transistors, and thyristors.

An electrical engineer in Pakistan usually works in a workshop or office setting. However, some may work in big factories and oil refineries.

Electrical engineers must travel and stay up-to-date with new advances in their field. An entry-level position pays PKR 30,000 per month, while an experienced professional can earn PKR 380,000 per annum.

Career Opportunities for Electrical Engineers In Pakistan

Electrical engineers in Pakistan are in high demand, and several jobs are available. This profession requires a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience.

It combines an appreciation for creative problem-solving and the ability to communicate with clients.

The starting salary for an electrical engineer in Pakistan ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 rupees per month.

Opportunities for electrical engineers in the telecommunication sector are also abundant. Pakistan’s telecommunication sector is experiencing rapid development and investment from local and foreign sources.

This growth has led to a tremendous demand for skilled telecom experts to design, erect and maintain telecommunication systems. This job market is booming, and electrical engineers with specialized knowledge in this field are in high demand.

Electrical engineers can pursue a BE Electrical degree with several branches of study, including Electronics, Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Telecommunications Engineering.

The BE Electrical program has been accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council and is taught by a distinguished faculty.

The program is monitored and evaluated, making it a good option for those seeking a career in electrical engineering.

The BE Electrical program at CoE is designed to meet the needs of the industry, and it offers excellent career preparation.

This program comprises 137 credit hours of study and includes humanities, social sciences, and management sciences coursework. The curriculum aims to develop ‘visionary‘ engineers with innovative minds.

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